Precision surveying

Experienced expert for precision survey for national and international customers in the field of mechanical and process engineering, deformation and settlement measurements. We have been working and are doing jobs in the following areas:

  • civil engineering for power stations and turbine erections – Danube river power plants, private clients

  • fiber board manufacture and rolling mills, set up of production lines
    Egger inc., Homogenholz inc., Dekaply inc.

  • civil engineering for subways, bridges, churches, structural engineering, settlement measurements

  • Paper and cardboard machines
    with our specific knowledge in this field we work constantly:
    green field installations of paper and cardboard machines complete surveying(foundation rails, alignment measurements of cylinders, guide rolls, creation of position an height systems in the machine hall)

    Rebuild and check of existing paper and cardboard machines

    foundation rails: misalignments in parallelism and height, torsion of framing
    centerline: definition of the best centerline
    head box: waviness of lip, alignment and distance to breast roll
    breast roll shaking equipment: alignment with breast roll
    wire section: alignment of forming rolls, ceramic foils, suction boxes, guide rolls, suction roll and  wire drive roll
    press section: introduction of coordinate system of central press, roll including eccentric axle pins, pick up rolls
    drying section: alignment of drying cylinder and guide rolls
    size press: relative alignment of blade beam to size press rolls
    pope reel: controll of winder
    janus calender: relative alignment of all rolls
    run of paper web – shrinkage: width of paper web
    crane runway: setup and check of rails

    references: Austria:
    Votih AG, Bruck a. d. Mur, Frohnleiten, Frantschach, Gratkorn, Hallein, Laakirchen, Linz – Traun, Nettingsdorf, Pitten, Frohnleiten, Steyrermühl, Wattens, Vienna.
    Others: China, Canada, Russia, Turkey, Slovakia, The Netherlands, Belgium, Slovenia, Italy, Switzerland, South Africa, Germany(Varrel, Magdeburg, Weener), France (Paris).
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