Service, innovation, quality management and costumer care are our power of success!

Our company's policy of quality

  1. Our employees, at the moment 10 people, are our best capital. They are supposed to work independently and responsibly, motivated by the company's guiding principles.

  2. The atmosphere at work is to be marked by an open, fair and loyal team spirit, yet still always considering economic aspects.

  3. We always try to develop and maintain a fair relationship to our costumer – with the basic idea in mind that he is our employer. Each of our costumer should be satisfied with our 100% commitment.
    We would like to enhance our profitability and to expand on the market all through constant improvement of our processes and of the qualification of our staff.

  4. Our services are based on serious, recognized and well-founded quality in every respect.

We serve you with competent engineering. For further information contact us.